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Our Community

Our Community

All India Foundation of Deaf Women came into existence on 25th May 2014. It is a national level registered organisation which aims to rehabilitate and upgrade the status of deaf women in our country through Skill Development and other rehabilitation programs.

AIFDW is not only just an organization but it is the only platform for deaf women to get rehabilitate through our various programs like: SKILL TRAINING, MATRIMONIAL SAMMELAN, GENERATING JOB OPPORTUNITIES, NATIONAL CONFERENCE, AWARENESS PROGRAMS, SCREENING CAMPS, LEGAL AWARENESS, CULTURAL FESTIVAL, BEAUTY PAGEANT, SPORTS COMPETITIONS, VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTERS AND etc. which aims to help uncountable deaf in many ways.


  1. The Programme will go beyond basic Medical Management and Rehabilitation. To develop an innovative, integrated, Community based programme which will assimilate the hearing impaired into their communities.
  2. Promote Self-Reliance of PWD and their parents to explore and expand their talents. To promote Sports, Arts, and Culture among Person with Disabilities, empower them through activities and exposure to the World.
  3. Help hearing impaired and their family to be able to earn according to their capacities.
  4. Awareness of their rights and facilitate them in exercising these rights.
  5. Educate and sensitize public to the issues of differently able.
  6. To campaign for Barrier-free environment.
  7. To integrate with main-stream education.
  8. Create awareness about PWD Act, RCI Act, and National Trust Act.
  9. Integration with CBO – Community Based Organisation.
  10. Enable them to contribute to family and society through skill training.
  11. Develop leadership quality in disable individual, in policy making/in Panchayat.
  12. Awareness and sensitization:* Rallies, Awareness and Sensitization Programme, WDD Celebration.
  13. Advocacy and Legislation: *PWD ACT, RCI ACT, NATIONAL TRUST ACT, MENTAL HEALTH ACT. To create awareness of and sensitization towards the person’s with disability (PWD) Act 1995, Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) Act 1992 and National Trust Act 1999.
  14. Networking with various Govt. and Non Govt. Organisations at village level, Panchayat, Block, District and State and National level. *National Disability Network, *CBR Network.
  15. To establish information bureaus for hearing impaired and provide them information on various issues like: Their rights, consumer rights, facilities for them, employment assistance and getting scholarships/grants to deserving and poor students/artist.

The associate state chapters are:

Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Odissa, Hyderabad, Haryana, Utter Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Assam and Kerala.

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