All India Foundation of Deaf First Floor, Pahar Ganj New Delhi – 110 055, INDIA

All India Foundation of Deaf Women

In past years Disability itself was considered as a big curse on the family and then society and being a disabled women was extremely expletive.

Slowly as awareness increased people started accepting disabled people but still status of a deaf women was pathetic. Many organizations came into existence but their accessibility was not for women. Here came the need for special organizations only FOR THE WOMEN BY THE WOMEN.

This was when DELHI FOUNDATION OF DEAF WOMEN came into existence. Delhi foundation of Deaf Women(DFDW) started on policy “Of Women, By Women and For Women” and was established on a foundation of Hard Toil and Sweat! It started as a social club but due to the great demand we started programs and projects to rehabilitate hearing impaired women making it one of the successful Non-Governmental organization. Our major rehabilitation projects and programs have enabled deaf women to develop strong personalities, equipped them with vaious skill and eventually gaining them a sense of self-reliance and economic abilities.

Our beneficiaries comprises of the following students for this program.

  1. Neo Literate Deaf Women
  2. Pass outs of Primary Schools
  3. Dropouts of Formal Education
  4. Deaf Women
  5. All other Deaf Boys and Girls interested in availing the life long learning opportunities.

Seeing the benefits deaf women were getting Delhi other states started approaching DFDW to start same services and rehabilitation centers in their respective states. Thus ALL INDIA FOUNDATION OF DEAF WOMEN(AIFDW) laid its foundation.

All India Foundation of Deaf Women came into existence on 25th May 2014. It is a national level registered organisation which aims to rehabilitate and upgrade the status of deaf women in our country through Skill Developmen and other rehabilitation programs.